Chicken Fried Chicken

Easy and delicious this Chicken Fried Chicken is a quick and flavorful dinnertime recipe that brings the whole family to the table, with minimal ingredients it’s a simple and comforting meal.

Chicken is a staple in our house hold and one of the main meats that we use in a lot of our dishes. I prefer chicken over pretty much every meat, but pretty much will eat anything if I have to.

This Chicken Fried Chicken is one of our families favorite dinnertime meal. We use our recipe for our Chicken Fried Steak and use it with chicken breasts instead!

Not only is it comforting, it is super easy to whip up and feeds a crowd. The golden and tasty chicken pieces are smothered in gravy and we like to serve ours with mashed potatoes on the side.

These sides are perfect if you want to make a large family meal out of this recipe! Also, this is good for any time of year. While it truly is a comfort dish that we love in the cooler months, we make it all year long!

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