cheesecake with cherry filling

– My family has also been making this for years! One tip: recently I made this with non-fat sweetened condensed milk and it took 5 days to set properly. Still tastes good, but if you want it to set in a reasonable amount of time, you must use the regular version.

– This is absolutely the best cheesecake in the world. My family fights over it. We used to save it for special occasions but now we make it year round. I will say to all of you who think you can get by without 1/3 cup of lemon juice, you’re wrong. That’s what makes the pie set and remain firm. You must add all of it.

– This recipe for cheesecake is pretty good, it’s quick and easy, however you want want to hold the condense milk though, the cheesecake turned out to be very sweet and might not suit the taste suits of the older people. I used more “light” cheese and less condense milk instead, to reduce the sweetness of the cake.

– This is such a delightful does take the cheesecake alot of hours to firm up.But what i did to give if more of a cheesecake taste was to add about 1/2 of another 8oz of cream cheese to it and it also help it to firm up more,even though i left it in the refrigerator overnight yummy yummy cheesecake.This sort of have a keylime taste to it but all in all it’s delicious.I have many this cheesecake numerous time for many many people.

– This is the only cheesecake my husband will eat. I have been making this for him for years. The only problem with this recipe is that I have to make this when he is not home,because like a child he can not wait until it sets. (Ha-Ha) Tip: Do not try to use already softened cream cheese,be patient & wait for the pkg to soften. As I have tried this in a hurry & the pie does not set up well.

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